What a Luxury Car Should Be

Uh oh. This looks serious.

Uh oh. This looks serious.

This is the 1978 Lincoln Continental, from an ancient time when Ford made cars.


By today’s standards, it is nothing special. Inefficient in every way, underpowered, overstylized…


Still, if you resto modded it, you’d have an awesome, intimidating machine. What I would do if I still had the car and a usable budget:

  • engine/transmission/suspension/brakes, obvs. 400 hp at the wheels would be good.

  • flush in the bumpers to hug the body, like an updated version of a ‘72

  • Red LEDs to light up the reflector box between the taillights

  • Keep the roof, but replace padded and white with a slick modern material and texture in a complementary color

  • The sun damage has sold me on a matte finish for the paint. Something darker than the baby blue.

  • lose the fender antenna.

  • Parking camera and sensors - It’s 20 feet long.

  • Auxiliary lamps? Maybe…