1963 Mercury Monterey: Meta Vintage Credentials

1963 Mercury Mionterey-3.jpg

There is something to be said about a car as old as your author. In this case, some things:

  • It’s pink. Not everybody can carry off this look.

  • It’s got all the important parts: V8, rear wheel drive, column shifter and bench seats.

  • It’s in basically the same physical shape as your author.

  • Comes equipped with vintage people, and future vintage person.

The meta part? This body style is called a breezeway sedan. “Breezeway” means notchback C-pillars with inverted buttresses and rear-leaning back window. It lowers (for the breeze, obvs). Per the owner, “it’s the only power thing on the car.“

Anyway, this style was vintage in 1963 (despite lasting through most of the 1960s). It first came apout on Lincolns in the 1950s. By 1963, Lincoln had ditched it as too kitschy for the sleek, Camelot-y space age look. In other words, it was already a throwback, which just makes this perfect, for Miss Heart-shaped sunglasses who rolled up in it.