Ferrari 512 BBi: Try to Follow Along

We love the Ferrari 512 BB - especially the BBi. The “i” stands for injection: Fuel Injection. Those are the best, says every Ferrari mechanic who’s ever had to tune up a flat 12 with 6 carburetors. Assuming i am not the only one, this car should fly out the door, right?

Well, let’s review:

February 2017 - This car evidently doesn’t sell at The Finest Auction in Boca Raton for $375,000 (Reserve/opening bid not met)

January 2018: This car is at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. You can’t buy it here or now, but you can later and there, in Palm Beach, April 2018.

Palm Beach, April 2018 - This car (VIN ZFFJA09B000044993) is here at Barrett-Jackson, like they promised in Scottsdale. Somebody can buy it here and now. Somebody doesn’t. Everybody doesn’t. Reserve not met.

Phoenix, January 2019 - This car (VIN ZFFJA09B000044993) is here at RM Sothebys. I can vouch.

512 bbi.jpg

Somebody can buy it here and now. (Hopefully, someone who will drive it and not simply ferry in between snow bird states looking for a better price.)

So, in one busy year, the car has traveled about 4,600 miles just to wind up about 20 miles from where this part of the journey started. We find out tomorrow if there is a buyer finally ready to take on whatever the reserve is this time.

We find out tomorrow night.