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Based just outside Phoenix, Arizona, we’re always looking to collaborate with local or national sponsors who align with our values. If you’re a fellow car lover and want to contribute stories, galleries or coverage of the car scene, we’d love to feature you. Got something else in mind? Drop us a line in the form below!

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Cars worth remebering

Cars worth remebering

About the Site

Asphalt Valhalla is the blog where a nominal descendant of the Norse god Odin (at a minimum, my great great great grand-/all-father) brings forth images and stories of the cars I deem worthy of dwelling here.

Sometimes, it's the style or performance that makes a car one of the honored. Sometimes it's the defiant refusal to rust away. Sometimes, it's the stories, whether the car was plot, setting or MacGuffin.


About the Team:

“Let’s go shooting.“ That's how most of the road trips and car shows start. I always have a camera at the ready.

I have been telling stories with images since the 1970s. In the beginning, a Kodak X-15, 126 film and flash cubes were my tools. Now I wield a couple of Canon SLRs, a Minolta 35mm SLR and a few others. 

My work is mainly cars and street scenes. It is a natural fit. I love capturing the graceful lines, or uncovering the personality molded into the metal. And, I am happiest behind the wheel, exploring new places and capturing a hint of their essence.

We’re for Hire

Alongside the urge to create is the reality of funding my passion. So yeah, I am for sale. Here are a couple of examples:

I prefer the opportunities where I create freely, and your legal team only intervenes to protect the trademarks. Let me get my storyteller on, whether in words or in images. We'll both be happier with the end result.


Some Words About Your Words

Feedback in the form of post comments is always welcome.  Inquiries and unsolicited works that we may or may not even read can be e-mailed.

A word or several about your comments:

  • We like comments.

  • For a long time, here and elsewhere, we would print anything that wasn't spam. Your remark, positive or negative, funny or lame would go up and stay up.

We were tested recently on this site. A gentleman who appears to be a prolific online commenter took issue with the "barren wastelands" portion of an author blurb.

He is currently marooned in the barren wastelands of Arizona, dreaming of cross-country road trips and hunting for grail cars and adventures.

The gentleman first suggested we shut up or get out. (#NoPolitics)  Following our failed attempt to defuse the conversation with remarks about our "home planet" and so forth and allusions to the realities that keep us in this desert, the gentleman returned with a reply that escalated the personal attack:  we "lack the ethics and courage to leave" and so forth.

That was a threshold moment.  Here is the new policy.

  • Attack the work all you want.

  • Attack the opinions about the subject all you want.

  • Correct us on the facts? Please do.

  • Attack me? Blacklist is in your future if you keep it up. Once there, your future comments will treated as spam and must be manually approved to be published. Your existing comments that attack me will get depublished.

Bottom line:  yes, the internet is public and a vast melting pot of opinions and ideas.  But, this is my little corner and you're my guest. Please act accordingly.



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