Kid Rock, Walmart, trailer parks and Ohio. MULLETS ROOL!!!

Chevrolet Camaro gen 3

Man, were we stupid in in the 1980s. Few were immune.

  • Phid's brother:  he is partially excused because his was free.  But, it was a Berlinetta, and not a Z or IROC, so he fails.
  • I rented one  a couple of times for fraternity banquets - base model, and I (not coincidentally) never got laid at fraternity banquets, fancy car or not, so I fail as well.
  • My secretary 10 years ago bought a convertible version of the generation following the one above.  She was hot, but was from (and moved back to) Ohio, so she fails.
  • 3 feet of unused space in the nose (on the next generation from this one) just to keep the profile.  It's like a Monte Carlo