F*** the Police

Arizona DPS can kiss my ass.

John Law

Me:  Oooh, a cop.  Let's take a picture. [^^^]
Cop:  Oooh, an asshole with a camera.  Let's find a violation.
Me:  Speed limit 55 mph; cruise control at 52 mph, bitch.
Cop:  Cop computer, fucker.  Step one - run plate for APBs and or possible transportation of doughnuts.  Step 2 - follow this asshole for a couple of miles to see if he flinches.  Or if he's liquored up after the singles bar.
Me:  Not my first time with a cop's nose up my ass.  Also, cruise control, bitch.
Cop:  I'm bored.

*speeds off to find the next person to harass*

Me:  Just like that speed trap in Wayland Michigan.  Mustang with cruise 1, Cops 0.  Dick.
Me:  Thank Bo for up to date plates.