Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Aventador SV-7.jpg

Sometimes, when all that IPO money has burned a whole right through your pocket, it seems like it’s time to buy that statement car. And not just any car. Not just any Lamborghini, just any Aventador, any SV. No, you deserve the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. (Superveloce Jota)

The manufacturer link has more to say than I do - Lambo says this car is all about technology and emotion. I can’t speak to that, because no one offered me any seat time, parked or otherwise.  I did note the gills that obviate a rear window. Instead of Alcantara everywhere, there’s carbon fiber. (NTTAWWT.)

As mentioned in the photo comments, the plate is “SVJ 58.“  Without 63 festoonery announcing that it is a 63 edition, this is likely 58/900 rather than 58/63. So, it’s more likely a bit less rare then the Senna across the lot, but on the other hand,  it doesn’t have to share the row with its sister..