1979 Porsche 930 Turbo: Only In My Dreams

As frog-eyed cars go…

As frog-eyed cars go…

I wanted this car so, so much. The whale tail spoiler blew my mind. The otherworldly sounding performance. In 1978, Car and Driver got a 4.9 second 0-60 out of one, which was amazing in an era of 88 hp Mustangs and 150 hp Corvettes.. Equally amazing, coming from a family that almost always drove full size American cars were the bucket seats, the vestigial pretend cushioned grocery bag holder rear “seats.“ Craziness! Who does this?

Porsche added fog lights and spoilers and flares. Obviously, like a Trans Am, this meant it was way faster than some ordinary 911.

And about that whole “the car will try to kill you and likely succeed“ handling? My mental defense against terrors like sudden lift-throttle oversteer and rear biased polar inertia was to consciously avoid understanding what they meant. You can’t hurt me if I don’t recognize you as dangerous, right? Don’t harsh my mellow with scary facts, man.

This silver dangershark lustmobile showed at the 2018 25th anniversary Rodeo Drive Concours