R.I.P. Arizona Concours

What better way to kick off "Auction Week" in Arizona than with a world-class car show? No for sale signs on the seats. No trolling with slow-moving spec builds or murky provenance cars by dealers, like at the local shows. Since 2014, that answer was the Arizona Concours d'Elegance. The Concours was spectacular. The setting at the Arizona Biltmore couldn't be topped for ambiance. The show took over the inner lawns and courts.

Ferrari 275
Ferrari 275

The grail cars showed up early and often. Even the parking lot became a show of its own.  There were features: Ghia in 2015; Zagato in 2016; Bugatti in 2017. There were unicorns. There were even mini-scandals, like when the 2015 winner sent that car across the parking lot to the RM Auctiona few days later. (Auction-bound cars were not eligible to participate.) In an act of karma, it didn't meet its reserve or the estimated hammer price ($3.4-4.0mm USD. )

The 2017 show was another masterpiece. Soon after, though, my email was filled with pleas for sponsorships. On May 5, I got the death notice. There was not enough corporate largesse to float this bird.  So it goes, so it ends.

We'll miss you, Arizona Concours. Thanks for all the media credentials and LinkedIn connections. Thanks for letting me traipse around the hallowed ground of the 1% and breathe the same air. And most of all, thanks for the chance to shoot my dreams.